Clean Swift (a.k.a VIP) is Uncle Bob’s Clean Architecture applied to iOS and Mac projects. In this link you can find a convenience template to add into Xcode. You can also find there a basic example.

About Clean Swift

The purpose in a Clean Swift design pattern is to separate the responsibilities of different entities for clarity and testibility. Together, these entities form what we call scenes. Each scene is able to operate independently using only the components within that scene.
The components of each scene may include the following:

  • View Controller (with .xib or .storyboard file)

Tracking down memory leaks in your RxSwift-backed app

As a new developer in your company, there are a lot of challenges. One of these challenges is how you approach an existing massive project: You don’t know the code, you’re not familiar with naming conventions or code style guides, and you also don’t know the architecture. Some of these challenges can be solved quickly, while some of them can take some time. One of the good and bad things in being a newbie is that you might naively accept hard challenges without an understanding of what you’re getting into.

One of the issues we, as a team, had with…

Yoni Vizel

iOS Developer

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